Novelette Gordon is an Educator, Filmmaker, and Humanist. She has extensive work experience and coaching various sports, including Basketball, Athletics, Soccer, and wrestling. Novelette is Jamaican-born and Canadian-grown.

She’s a lifelong learner who believes in volunteering and sharing her knowledge with those who yearn to learn and grow. Novelette enjoys strengthening all her muscles, especially her creative muscle, in all endeavours. She is an Educator with various degrees and a Master of Education and enthusiastically practices growing personally, professionally, and spiritually. She has taught internationally and is passionate about assisting and empowering others to see the beauty in their journey toward their definition of success.

Never one to be inactive, she is a Toastmaster who continues to improve her speaking, communication, and leadership skills. A former elite university track and field athlete, Novelette believes in “sport for life” and continues to train and compete in Masters Athletics, not just strengthening her physical fortitude but also keeping her mental soul in shape.

Whether you’re looking for a speaker, creative collaborator, or motivator, Novelette is enthusiastic as her many passions overlap. She strongly values persistence, humility, and discipline while exploring the complexities of humanity. Furthermore, she is excited about continually growing to be her optimal self through collaboration.