Enriching Relationships with Fellow Toastmasters

The hundreds and hundreds of Toastmasters I’ve met so far because I said yes have been a lifetime gift. To continue to strengthen my communication, leadership, strategic planning, public relations, and many other skills have improved my life for the better. I did not expect to take on advanced leadership roles, but I did. I did not expect to fortify my confidence, but I have. I did not expect to increase my discipline or embrace a professional level of flexibility, but I have. I did not envision that Toastmasters would be the entity that would nurture me beyond my imagination, and trust me, I have some kind of imagination.

Developing Communication and Leadership Skills

I am thankful to my “Lil Big Brother” for the opportunity to help him and his club, but also develop myself along the way. I know that I will be in the Toastmasters Speaking Mafia for life. There is a plethora of things I want to do because of my Toastmasters involvement. The growth, leadership, speaking, organization, confidence, challenges, mentorship and mentee opportunity, and so many more are endless. I want to continue exploring all of them.

Joining Steeltown Toastmasters Club 755

In 2016, my “Lil Big Brother” asked me to join his Toastmasters Club, Steeltown Toastmasters Club 755. At the time, I didn’t think much of it other than I wanted to support my little bro. I was also curious to see him in action because I consider my “Lil Big Brother” as a strong silent person. After I attended my first meeting, I would never have guessed after living with him for over 30 years that he has so many words in his vocabulary. That was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

50+ Years of Success

Not only was I welcomed into a legacy of success, but I could never have foreseen the future that awaited me as a Toastmaster. Steeltown Toastmasters have been around for over 50 years; the club has achieved numerous members and club awards and continues to stand the test of time over the last challenging years.

Building Confidence and Taking on Challenge

Are you seeking confidence, leadership, speaking, and a friendly and supportive group of individuals to work with, grow with, and laugh with? Join one of your local Toastmasters clubs. If there’s none in your area, then join one of the many online clubs.